Muchapedza Junior remains hopeful

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Muchapedza Junior remains hopeful Macheso and Matsito Junior


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

MUCHAPEDZA Matsito Junior, who released his debut album on New Year’s Day, is contemplating to hold a proper launch once their sector is opened.

The Ngwenya Brothers heir said he was pleased with the response of his new album Mandipa Mukana but bemoaned lack of proper launch.


It carries seven tracks namely the title track Mandipa Mukana, Kutamba Nenguva, Pasipenyika, Moyo Muchena, Zvoona Meso, Kutambira Kure and the seventh song Ndibatsireiwo recorded at Future City Studios.


The other six tracks were recorded free of charge at Alema Studios under the aegis of Alick Macheso.

Muchapedza Junior was also groomed by Macheso  and stayed at his Waterfalls home for a couple of months honing his skills.


“I wanted to launch the album on the 1st of January 2021 at Chibhanguza Hotel but we could not go ahead with the launch after  the Government announced a new lockdown.


“I had invited fellow musicians comprising Mark Ngwazi, Faheem Somanje, Tatenda Pinjisi naMudhara Shepard Chinyani as a guest of honour but we cancelled it at the 11th hour but we were on to release it.


“At the moment, the album is performing better but a proper launch was ideal so that I get closer to my old and new fans.


“We had planned to auction the CDs but we could not go ahead with the plans because of the Covid-19 restrictions.


“If I get a chance in future, we are likely to launch it online so that people get to know me better,” he said.


Asked how he was managing to sustain his family, the 19-year-old said:


“We surviving from rentals that I collect in Warren Park and here in Kuwadzana 5.


“It’s hard my brother but we are grateful that our father left us houses and we can’t starve as long as we still continue collecting rentals.


“Our father was a family man who had his children at heart and he invested a lot during his time at the peak  and that is something that I would like to emulate from him and protect the legacy,” he added.

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