Mudiwa Hood advises women not to rush

02 Feb, 2023 - 00:02 0 Views
Mudiwa Hood advises women not to rush


Tanaka Mahanya

Flamboyant rapper and musician, Mudiwa Hood, has advised women to go for men who match their standards.

The divorcee is still single after ending his two-year marriage with Portuguese wife, Angelica Colchèita-Hood.

He said there is no need to rush when looking for a life partner.

Ndega ndotozviziva kuti maoko angu ayo akafitwa ne ring, but trust me kumhanya handiko kusvika. Marriage is the only time that God allows you to be selfish. Go for your best shot and do not settle for less,” he said.

He said women should go for men who bring out the best in them.

“Ladies, please choose a man who will match the dream woman you will become, not your current status,” he said.

“There is more to life than sex, alcohol, drugs and chills. Invest in ideas and businesses, not in emotions and people.”

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