Mugabe estate: Bona appointed executor

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Mugabe estate: Bona appointed executor Mugabe family members walk out of a meeting at the Master of the High Court


Mathew Masinge, H-Metro Reporter

THE Master of High Court yesterday appointed Bona Nyepudzai Mutsahuni-Chikore as the executor of the late former President Robert Mugabe’s estate.

Mugabe succumbed to prostate cancer on September 6 and reports say he left no will.

The Mugabe family led by surviving spouse Grace, Bona and her husband Simba Chikore attended yesterday’s meeting whilst sons Robert Jnr and Chatunga were notable absentees.

Lawyer Terrence Hussein

However, according to the family lawyer the two’s letter of consent was presented to the Master.

In a brief after the meeting, Terrence Hussein addressed media where he said the family resolved to appoint Bona, the only daughter, as the executor.

“Surprise of all surprises, the one and only favourite daughter Bona has been appointed as the executor,” Hussein said.

He said the meeting with the Master was a requirement of the law.

“This was a formal meeting of the estate of the late former President Robert Mugabe which was called in terms of the law by the Master of the High Court.

“He called very close relatives including his wife and his children to sit down with them where he was seeking to appoint an executor from amongst them.

“This is what we sat down to agree on,” he said.

Asked why Gushungo Dairies was not listed as the late former President’s property he said;

“Gushungo Dairies is a private limited company and no human being owns a company because it is a legal persona but what is owned are the shares.

“Mr Mugabe did not own Gushungo Dairies, it is owned by the Mugabe Family,” he said.

The lawyer also refuted claims that the late icon owned private properties outside the country.

“Those stories were always a fabrication and this process has proved that, people who made up such reports should have brought the proof,” he added.

The lawyer also said the Blue Roof mansion’s paperwork is taking shape and Russel’s inclusion was because he was part of the family.

After her appointment, Bona, as the executor will now compile letters of her administration including a list of how she will distribute the estate.

She is also expected to list Mugabe’s credits and debts with the net expected to be shared amongst the listed relatives Grace, Robert Junior, Bellarmine and Russel Goreraza.

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