Mugabe scares son with DNA tests

Arron Nyamayaro

The Tinashe Mugabe family’s decision to go for paternity DNA tests had a significant impact on their oldest child, Ethan. 

The 11-year-old told H-Metro that he had a sleepless night after being informed about the tests and was deeply affected by the prospect. 

However, after his parents explained the need for the tests and convinced him, he agreed to go through with them. 

Global DNA Zimbabwe principal consultant, Tinashe, and his wife, Esther Mugabe, took their three children, who also included Othniel (8) and 11-month-old Celeste, for DNA tests on Friday

“I couldn’t sleep on Thursday night after being informed that we were going for the tests,” said Ethan.

“It seriously affected me. Handina kurara ndichinetseka. My parents explained and eventually convinced me, and I agreed,” he said.

Esther said that the decision came after discussions with Tinashe about the advantages of the tests in cases of road traffic accidents and family inheritance.

“Nhasi tauyawo uye tinoda audzwewo nevamwe huremu hwezvake zvinowanikwa muvana vake.

“I came to understand that the DNA tests also help in cases of death in road traffic accidents and in family inheritance,” said Esther.

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