Mukandi accident killer closes defense case

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Mukandi accident killer closes defense case THE LATE . . . Shingi Mukandi


7 November 2018

THE LATE . . . Shingi Mukandi

The man who stands accused of killing socialite and businessman Shingi Mukandi yesterday closed his defence case admitting to the State’s allegations that he failed to stop and render assistance after the fatal accident.

Alfred Machipisa who is pleading not guilty to culpable homicide, failure to stop after an accident, failure to render help after an accident, failure to render assistance and call the police after the accident called his brother Fanuel Machipisa as his defence witness.

“After the accident, we stopped briefly and remained seated in the car and drove off’” said Fanuel Machipisa attesting to the claims of the state that his brother violated the road traffic act.

In the three counts of failing to stop and render help, failure to call the police, Machipisa decided not to say anything exercising his right to remain silent in the court of law.

However, that did not stop prosecutor Isheanesu Mhiti from cross examining him on whether he saw the people who attended the scene including, Craig Martin, Judith Mudiwa from Mars, Benjamin Mukandi.

In response, Machipisa said he did not see them which prompted the State to conclude that he couldn’t see them as he had fled from the scene immediately after the accident.

Machipisa will know his fate on November 14 when Harare magistrate Edwin Marecha delivers his judgment.


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