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Takawira ‘Photovet Unlimited’ Dapi

US BASED Chimurenga musician, Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo, says he will release a CD and DVD between June and December this year.

Speaking from his Oregon base, the 73-year-old said he has already finished recording, mixing and is now finalising the mastering of his CD.

The 2019 CD has more than 15 tracks.

“I have songs releasable anytime for many years to come, that is even after God calls us.

“We are now recording and storing music because in Chimurenga, we do not sit down and start writing what to sing about.

“We are singing about what this world is saying, what this world is practically needing for the survival of human beings and its environment.

“Chimurenga is a war against what affects innocent lives, we are the world people’s mirror and voice, that is why we say if you want the deeper meaning of our songs, just go ask the owners, ask the people, not us.

“We are just God’s  messengers, meaning Blacks Unlimited is an unlimited voice and mirror of the crying innocent people; the innocent voiceless people around the world.

“We will be releasing both Chimurenga CD and DVD albums between June  and December 2019,” he said.

Mukanya urged artists from various genres to be strong as they carry out their duties.

“You are not just human but God sent beings to heal, educate, warn, promise, inform and entertain fans.

“So please, be brave, do not be derailed from your vision by any challenges, they might be challenges from any natural or man managed pressure.

“Listen to your passion in any of your art you want to bring out of you in your life time.

“Death is nothing in your God given mission, financial challenges are nothing in your art, and climatic changes are nothing in your God given wisdom, voice and mission.

“Even His own biological son, Jesus was mercilessly killed by those he was serving, day and night.

Her urged artists to emulate Mbuya NeHanda, who was killed by the colonialists alongside Sekuru Kaguvi, Chingaira and more.

She also promised that her bones were going to rise and bring back Zimbabwe.

He urged artists to desist from political activities.

“Politics must stay away from artists because only artists can freely convince the people to do the positive, for example during Cyclone Idai, I feel our government must be better prepared for such disasters, they must heavily budget for such days.

“If we artists say so, it does not mean we are challenging it, it means that is what God will be saying through us,” he said.

He added:

“Do not be afraid to articulate what your art says, it will be God speaking through you

“Sing for them to get early cancer tests and treatments, tell the people to know their right to health and what they sweat for.”

Mukanya was born Thomas Makore Mapfumo on July 3, 1945 in Mashonland East’s Marondera farms.


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