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Today marks a full week into the 16 Days of Activism of Against Gender based Violence, thanks to the United Nation’s effort to end all forms of abuse.

This year’s commemorations are being held under the theme: “Orange the World: End Violence against Women Now!”


H-Metro Assistant News Editor (Entertainment) Trust Khosa (TeeKay) had a chat with affable influencer, musician and corporate lawyer Mukoma Panga (MP) who shared his thoughts on the gender based violence.


He also condemned perpetrators of violence and in line with this year’s theme, Mukoma Panga opened up his heart on the issue. Read on…


TeeKay: What role are you playing in raising awareness against gender based violence?

MP:   I composed a song and video called Chibhakera.


The song addresses the issue of gender based violence.  The video features Kapfupi and Mai Nga who brilliantly portray the characteristics in an abusive relationship.


The video has received wide coverage on ZTV. I believe through the song and video l have played my part in bringing awareness of gender based violence to the forefront.


TeeKay: What’s your piece of advice to women in abusive affairs who have remained mum over the years?

MP:  Abuse is not love. Love doesn’t torture you physically, emotionally, sexually or financially.


They should seek help from professionals or even other family members.


A stitch in time saves nine. One should quickly seek help once gender based violence rears its ugly head but know where to go to get help.


TeeKay:  What’s your piece of advice to men who suffer abuse at the hands of their spouses yet they remain silent.

MP:  Like I said earlier on, abuse knows no gender. It’s not about size, gender or strength and can happen even to males.


There are a lot of males in abusive relationships but they are afraid or ashamed to come out in the open.


Varume vari kurohwa mudzimba umu and they should quickly seek professional help.


Once a male figure reports a case of gender based violence the receiving authority must not laugh at the complainant but investigate the reports and assist. This will help more males to come out in the open.


TeeKay:  How often should gender based violence issues be discussed at family and national level?

MP:  Issues of gender based violence should be addressed always and not for the 16 days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence because kurohwa, kurovana nekushungurudzana happen daily.


People have lost lives because of not openly and frequently talking about these issues.

TeeKay:  How committed is your camp in assisting organisations and individuals suffering from any form of abuses from their spouses?

MP:  We support everyone who in any form supports the eradication of gender based violence and we are open to any artiste or organisation who want to engage us in GBV cases.


TeeKay:  How effective is music or any other art form in addressing GBV issues?

MP:   Music or any other art form plays a vital role in advocacy and increasing awareness of GBV and related crimes which to an extent have spiked during the Covid-19 induced lockdowns.


TeeKay:  What do you have for your fans before year-end?

MP: We have released a song titled Mai Mwana featuring Agartha Murudzwa.


The video features Dhafu, Mabla 10.


The song is doing very well on several radio stations where it is on rotation.


The video is also doing very well on ZTV among other online platforms.


In the song and video, we are promoting love which is the opposite of gender based violence.


Our fans are still enjoying the offering but who knows we can have a surprise for them before the festive season.


TeeKay:  How best can you describe the year 2021 as a lawyer, family man and musician for you?

MP:  The year 2021 has had its own challenges especially the Covid-19 inspired pressures but we thank God for the gift of life.


Business wise, we also had challenges like anybody else but we are grateful to God that we managed to keep sailing.


TeeKay: Your piece of advice to merrymakers ahead of the festive season in the wake of the Covid-19 fourth wave?

MP: Covid-19 is real and let’s heed the warnings from the experts that the fourth wave is around the corner.  Ngatifare asi tisafarisise.


Let’s observe all the Covid-19 regulations and protocols. To those who have not yet been vaccinated please be vaccinated.


TeeKay:  Your message of hope to your fans and Zimbabweans at large?

MP: Covid-19 will come to an end one day through the grace of God.


Let’s all play our part and do what the authorities are telling us to do.


All pandemics will one day come to an end. Let’s keep praying, let’s keep working hard, let’s look forward to 2022 with positive expectation.  Let’s spread love.  Let’s be optimistic.  Nothing lasts forever.

TeeKay:  Thanks for your time.

MP:  Welcome.


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