Mukoma Panga invests in visuals

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Mukoma Panga invests in visuals Mukoma Panga (centre)


Shingirirayi Mugodi
LAWYER-CUM-MUSICIAN Mukoma Panga reckons he has mastered the art of producing refreshing videos.

The former music promoter, who is enjoying rave reviews with his latest video titled Sadza Nemhiripiri, has vowed to invest more in visuals.

On the audio, he featured Congolese star Dispatch and Zim dancehall chanter, Beezman B (Chipoko ChaSauro).

Naxo Films is behind its production.

The video had its première on ZTN over the weekend where it was endorsed as a triumph.

Following its impact, Mukoma Panga – real name Panganayi Hare – said he was inspired to keep on working hard.

“I started my music career as a hobby but it appears that people have fallen in love with my music.

“Video concept has been embraced by many on social media and I can’t ask for more.

“As a sungura artist, I have realised it was high time that we reinvent the wheel,” he said.

Mukoma Panga urged fellow sungura artists to invest in visuals and shun the old way of marketing music.

“Zimbabwe is blessed with seasoned artists in sungura but some of them have remained in their comfort zones for years.

“If we don’t change the modus operandi, we risk being easily forgotten because the new crop of artists is serious.

“We have to copy from youngsters who are doing well,” he said.

Asked why he prioritises collaborations, Mukoma Panga added:

“I have always wanted to collaborate with youngsters and artists from other genres, just for a change.

“In my case, I have worked with several artists like Agartha Murudzwa, Somandla Ndebele, Shiga Shiga, just to mention a few, in a bid to come up with something refreshing.

“I have faith in these lads, who are really doing well and I will continue doing so to ensure that we give fans variety.

“Honestly speaking, we can’t remain static when others are making progress, especially the new crop of artists.”

Mukoma Panga boasts of two albums to his credit and three singles.

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