Mum drags Sunday School teacher to court

Milicent Chasinda 

A HARARE woman has applied for a protection order against her children’s Sunday school teacher.

Linda Magora claims that Tanyaradzwa Nago has been taking her children to musical recording lessons without her consent.

“Your Worship, this man has been taking my children to music recordings without my approval.

“At one point, after I had restricted my children from recording since the other one wants to write Grade 7, I saw other kids calling them for the recording that I had barred them from and I knew he was behind this,” said Linda.

She added:

“Your Worship this man hates me. He hates me and fabricated lies about me and told my husband, who beat me up.”

Nago denied taking Linda’s children without her consent.

“I am a Sunday school teacher, Your Worship.

“When she barred her kids, I backed off. 

“In fact, one of the children came and I asked if he was allowed and he said his mum wasn’t around but his dad had allowed him to come. 

“Later the child came running saying he was beaten up with an electric cable by his mum.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed the case due to lack of merit.

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