Mum’s death inspires motivational speaker

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Mum’s death inspires motivational speaker Kudakwashe “K.V.A” Muvavarirwa


Latwell Nyangu, Entertainment Reporter

Motivational speaker Kudakwashe “K.V.A” Muvavarirwa who dropped from school to pursue his new calling says the death of his mother this year gave him more courage to help cancer patients.

Muvavarirwa’s mother died of cancer and he has started helping and teaching different people on cancer related diseases.

He said he dropped from school at Advanced Level to motivate people.

“l dropped at A level at Denmak Training Services to follow my passion since school was disturbing me and I then managed to start photography, videography, catering and decoration, video advert creators, and furniture business.

“The year 2021 started on a bad note after I lost my mother in January due to cancer and despite of that, l gained courage and boldness to stand up as the first born in a poor family.

“I opened a WhatsApp platform that helps people with different diseases especially cancer,” said Muvavarirwa.

In his humble beginnings, Muvavarirwa said, has taken it upon himself to inspire other people in despair.

“I started reading entrepreneurship books when l was in form one and a book titled ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ was an eye opener in my life.

“Being raised in a Christian family, I also read books and watched sermons of great people like Joel Osteen, TD Jakes etc.

“l began counselling people at 16 years at Domboramwari High School where l did my Ordinary Level and that’s when l began my entrepreneurship after having acquired a lot of knowledge about money.

“At that time, I acquired graphics designing as a skill till I turned it to entrepreneurship today,” he added.

In the year 2019, Muvavarirwa said he started teaching people on various social media platforms.

“I would write or record a motivational message and post it to my WhatsApp status and then a lot of people started following my teachings till a lot of them advised me to start live broadcasts on the same platform as well as groups.

“Then in 2020, I opened WhatsApp groups and all other social network platforms, and in my groups I  gave guidance and counselling services for free and of which that I still do today.

“The same I started teaching financial literacy in seminars and webinars including the likes of Eagles Masterminds, Zimbabwe Business ideas and networking.

“I travelled to many schools and orphanages in Harare doing motivational speaking and creating links with a lot of people.


“As a leader, l started grooming talents and right now I am managing about 14 talented young artists.

“I am targeting to achieve, register all my companies, open an organisation that will serve Africa and make my businesses public,” he added.

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