Munetsi, Kadewere promise to raise Zim flag

06 May, 2020 - 12:05 0 Views
Munetsi, Kadewere promise to raise Zim flag Tino and Munetsi


Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter
Tino Kadewere says it will be great to be playing against fellow Zimbabwean Marshall Munetsi.
Kadewere, who was playing in Ligue 2 for Le Havre, is set to move to his new club Lyon in the Ligue 1 while Marshal Munetsi is at Stade de Reims in the same league.
“Nyasha is a very good guy and will be so great getting to play up against my fellow Zimbabwean.
“And it’s also nice that we will be seeing each other often since we are now in the same league as compared to when l was still at Le Havre.
“It will be nice seeing your home boy and national teammate and l think it will be an exciting experience playing against each other,” he said.
The Warriors forward says playing in Ligue 1 will be a good experience for him.
“Of course Ligue 1 is more competitive with great players in the world.
“And l think it will be also good to get to rub shoulders with some of the worlds best.
“Though it’s competitive, l’m ready and l think l just have to play my normal game and make improvements where needed and l’m ready for any challenge,” he said.
Kadewere reckons his aim is to put Zimbabwe on the map and continue to raise its flag high.
“I think my contribution and Marsh’s will help out our country on the map as far as football is concerned.
“It is our aim to do our best and to continue to raise our flag high.
“I believe that if we do well here, it might lead many scouts look into the direction of our nation and we would want that to happen.
“Because it will also mean that our football will be improving,” he said.

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