Munodawafa charms Macheso

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13 July 2018


. . . Cheso inspired, ready to help


ALICK Macheso has been overwhelmed by visually-impaired gospel musician and keyboardist, John Munodawafa.

The sungura giant was charmed after watching a one-minute video of Munodawafa doing a rendition of the hit song, Ndakakutadzirei, off his latest album.

John, brother to gospel musician Munyaradzi, was recorded in a minute long video singing and playing instruments of the song which among on the popular on the album Dzinosvitsa Kure.

The video has since gone viral on social media platforms and after watching it, Macheso is impressed.

“That is complete talent, the young man is talented,” said Macheso.

Munodawafa hogged the limelight early this year when he scooped the third prize of the popular Coca Cola Radio Zimbabwe Top 50.

“He has shown us how talented he is, playing all those instruments on a keyboard at the same time doing vocals. You then don’t doubt when you heard that he has produced good music before.

“He has done it in his own way, he created his own version of Ndakakutadzirei and I enjoyed it. I have had the video on repeat since I got it,” he said.

Macheso said while he appreciates the 21-year-old’s talent, the video is emotional and inspirational at the same time

“The video has mixed feelings, given his state. Get it right, I’m not saying it’s impossible for him to do it but usually emotions take control when you see such stuff. Musiki ndiye anoziva zvavakamurongera.

“He has inspired a lot of people by doing that, trust me,” he said.

Influenced by his humble background, Macheso said he looks forward to meet John and since he is already in the music industry, it would be easy to give a helping hand.

“I haven’t heard much about him but obviously you get the interest when you see that video. There will be nothing that stops us from helping because he is already in it.

“Ndino believer mukubatsira nekuti ini ndakabatsirwawo,” declared Macheso.

Macheso is known for his helping hand having worked with a number of upcoming musicians usually those who carry on the legacy of their parents.

He is currently weaning Muchapedza (Jnr) Matsito, son to sungura legend Tedious Muchapedza of Ngwenya Brothers who is down with stroke.

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