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MURAPE Murape allegedly brought and smoked dagga and other substances, during and after Dynamos training sessions, the club claimed.

The suspended assistant coach has also been described as a violent person who allegedly confronted and had an altercation with his boss, Herbert Maruwa, in the presence of players.

He is set to attend a disciplinary hearing on Monday.

Here is his full charge sheet:

Allegation 1

Gross insubordination, insolence and demeanour during the Dynamos Football Club’ Human Capital Sub-committee meeting of 4th August 2023.

During the said meeting you were continuously scrolling your phone, made no contribution during the meeting, appeared to be in communication with whoever you were communicating with.

Allegation 2

Disruptive and disorderly conduct during training sessions between March and July 2023 involving some players of the club in that during training sessions you behaved in an untoward manner by shouting and exchanging harsh words with players – Emmanuel Paga, Tanaka Shandirwa, Donald Mudadi, Tendai Matindife and Tinashe Makanda thereby disrupting the smooth flow of proceedings at the training sessions.

Allegation 3

Violent and disorderly conduct against former head coach on 3rd August 2023 in the presence of players, technical officials and the media. In that you were verbally violent and disorderly and shouted at the then Head Coach, your superior during training in the presence of players and members of the technical team over the penalty-taker Kevin Moyo whom the Head coach then had asked to take the penalty kick during the training session.

Allegation 4

Bringing the club, sponsors and other stakeholders into disrepute by taking dagga and other substances before, during and after training sessions and matches between April and August 2023. It is alleged that you have been habitually smoking dagga or other intoxicating substances before, during and after training sessions and PSL matches thereby bringing the name of the club, sponsors and other stakeholders into disrepute.


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