Muridzo fails to pay for ‘sword’

16 Aug, 2018 - 15:08 0 Views
Muridzo fails to pay for ‘sword’


16 August 2018

MUSICIAN Andy Muridzo is risking a lawsuit for reportedly failing to settle a debt with a local record label – Bazuka Studios – who recorded his current album Munondo (sword) four months ago.

It emerged that Muridzo was charged $500 for the sixteen songs and offered to pay the money after the release of the album on mutual consent.

He, however, failed to honour the promise and is now playing cat and mouse with the studio representatives who are demanding their dues.

Bazuka Studios manager Faith Candy confirmed that they are at loggerheads with Muridzo who is failing to honour his promise.

She could not divulge more details on the deal but said they are still trying to negotiate with Muridzo and his management to settle the deal mutually.

“Yes he owes us money, we offered him to record and he promised to give money later,” said Faith Candy.

“Legal route is the last resort because we are in the same industry and we need each other. What I can say is we are still engaging them.

I don’t want to share much of the details with the press; your sources can furnish you with more details.  I also have some pressing issues as we speak.

“You can get in touch with him or his team if you want any clarification,” she said.

Muridzo’s mobile phone was not reachable when contacted for comment but his manager Gift Petro confirmed the dispute.

He, however, said his artiste is clean and the money in dispute should be settled by Diamond Studios, their parent record label.

“There is a dispute yes but the truth is we have paid what we are supposed to pay. It is not true that we haven’t paid any cent.

“The issue is we have a contract with Diamond Studios, so they have a certain fee they are supposed to pay and we are waiting to hear from them.

“Diamond (Studios) does our marketing and distribution and they have something they meet in case we do not record with them as is the case,” said Petro.

However, Diamond Studios artiste and repertoire manager John Muroyi distanced his organisation from the dispute.

He said he is aware of it but they do not owe Bazuka Studios any cent.

He said they were approached by Muridzo after he had already entered into a contract with Bazuka Studios.

Muroyi also argued that even if they wanted to pay the money, the album in question was not well-received and the sales are very law.

“Andy (Muridzo) has a contract with us but he has been recording with other studios and we remained silence knowing how musicians operate.

“We cannot then be sucked in when there are disputes like these ones, in as much as we are concerned; we don’t owe Bazuka (studios) any cent.

“Bazuka studios approached us demanding 10 thousand copies of CDs to recover their money and we said no. In the event that we had agreed, we were supposed to give them a certain figure after sales of the CD but unfortunately the album is not selling as expected,” said Muroyi.

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