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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

MANAGEMENT of error-prone Andy Muridzo has vowed to fight nail and tooth to save the youthful crooner’s brand.

The 29-year-old, who is no stranger to controversy, will be releasing his seventh album this Friday at a time when ‘demons of anti-progress’ seems to be trailing him like a shadow.

Ronald Mujuru and Andy Muridzo

However, the Jeetaz Band leader’s brand manager – Ronald “General” Mukuru – says it’s never too late to correct their mistakes.


General, who has been working hard to propel the singer to greater heights, said they will continue whip Baba Keketso in line.

Ronald Mujuru and Andy Muridzo

“We are doing our best to ensure that the Andy Muridzo brand expands, it takes a lot of commitment from the team.


“We have met some of the short term targets while long term goals are fast being met.


“As the brand manager, I will do the best to my ability to ensure that we continue to market the brand.


“On that note, I would like to announce the release of his sixth album on Friday, the 30th pf July,” he said.


Mujuru said they were also helping Andy Muridzo to reinvent the wheel despite his past mistakes off the stage.


“Andy Muridzo is still young but he needs our love and in my case, I am sweating over his brand because I was given the task to spruce up his image.


“I have been working with Andy for a while as part of his marketing team but we are glad that we are marking giant strides in attaining our goals,” he said.


Mujuru, who conceded that his ‘hothead’ boss had erred on several occasions, said people must learn to forgive and forget.


“We read some of the stories in the press and various social media outlets but there comes a time when people need to forget each other.


“We know the consequences of bad behaviour but for now people must leave that area for us to address it and we know we all do our best.


“If you ask Andy Muridzo, he will take you that I am someone who don’t tolerate nonsense,” he said.


Quizzed on the quality of their forth-coming album Sango Nedziva due for release this Friday, he said:


“It’s a15-tracjk album of superior quality, we have worked with a number of producers like Cymplex who did five songs, Black Boy Leekay and T-Man.


“We were looking for new sound and this album bears enough testimony that Andy Muridzo is serious about his music.


“The album will be launched on Gateway Live Streaming platforms, Andy Muridzo Records Facebook page while a number of radio and television interviews have been lined.


“We have press interviews lined up and we are grateful for the support we have been receiving.


“With regards to visuals, fans should expect more videos. To date we have just done two videos over the album,” he added.


Besides Sango Nedziva, Muridzo boasts of a rich catalogue of albums namely Pakubuda Kwezuva released in 2015, Ngarizhambe (2016), Tichambotenderera (2017), Munondo (2018) and Shiri Yamambo released in 2019.


Last year, he released two singles – Binocular and Muera Soko – among other collaborations with fellow artistes.

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