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28 March 2018

ELISHA Muroiwa has been cleared to play for Harare City but the 2017 AFCON finals Warriors defender has downplayed his influence in the team.

Harare City have so far managed four points from two games and it is expected that the coming on board of Muroiwa will further strengthen the team.

The former Dynamos defender was in Tanzania last year at Singida and he has since returned.

“I’m very disappointed with the delay in clearance. Registration has now gone well and I expect to fight my way into the team. I’m ready to play.

“I believe in working as a group despite playing at the highest level before. Every time you meet new guys, you have something new to learn from them,” said Muroiwa.

The defender, who partnered Costa Nhamoinesu at AFCON, was a favourite of Warriors former coach Kalisto Pasuwa.

Now he will be expected to bring some stability at a club that critics have not given a chance.

“I believe we must combine as a group and work as a team. I think it is all about mentality. We were supposed to play in division one and suddenly we are in the Premiership. The guys who are here are the most experienced and they can adjust. We are ready to play in the PSL,” he said.

Muroiwa believes Harare City coach Mark Harrison is building something special.

“I think he is bringing a different type of play which is most different from other Zimbabwean coaches.

He believes in the passing game which is quite different from a lot of coaches who believe in playing second ball. So I think it is a good platform for each and everyone here,” he said.

Harrison said: “Elisha is cleared and he has his card but Ryan (Harrison) is still waiting for it. PSL got everything they require, they just delay. We have been told it is coming tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 9.”

Tomorrow Harare City face Chapungu at Ascot.

“We are going to Chapungu and we are going to fight for three points. We need to take the game to Chapungu.

“We had them watched here in Harare. We sent our guys to go and watch them. We have an idea of their type of play. We know their strength, we know their weaknesses. It is up to us to exploit those areas.

Again I will only have the answers after the game,” he said.

Not many expected the Sunshine Boys to pick up four points in the first four games.

“Look, it is a reasonable start but we have 32 more games to play. We have a long way to go, down the road.

“I will be honest with you, I don’t think we play well in the last game. The last 20 minutes we showed a little of what we can. And I told the players the following day,” said Harrison.

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