Murudzwa, Mukoma Panga vaccinated

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Murudzwa, Mukoma Panga vaccinated Mukoma Panga


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

VERSATILE gospel musician Agartha Murudzwa and sungura game-chanter Mukoma Panga believe getting the Covid-19 jabs is the way to go for their sector.

The two artistes, who separately visited Wilkins Hospital for their first vaccine around mid-morning yesterday, said it was high time fellow players in the creative sector get their jabs.

Argatha Murudzwa

“I came here at after realising that I have a role to play as a celebrity and influencer by taking this jab so that I can help create awareness against the Covid-19 pandemic as well as persuading others to get their jabs.


“To be honest I was a bit skeptical before I gathered courage to come here and get my first jab.


“The hospitality I received here was good and everything went well and I just feel normal after getting this vaccine,” she said.


Murudzwa, who is basking on the glory of his 13th album titled Zvitsauko released during the festive season last year, said health matters.


“Prior to me getting this jab, there were theories flying around as people spread fake stories that you can either die or collapse after getting a jab which is not true.


“The health workers attending people here told me how it works and I am feeling good.


“One thing that I also want to advise fellow gospel artistes and fans is that let’s take the vaccine if the opportunity is still there.


“A health body and mind is all that we need in this sector to move forward,” she said.


Similar sentiments were echoed by Mukoma Panga, a corporate lawyer and musician who was also vaccinated.


“As a musician, I have realised that I have an important role to play in society and as a corporate lawyer, I also want to urged fellow comrades to take the vaccine.


“As a society, we need to complement Government efforts when it comes to the taking of the vaccine.


“Those with queries of the vaccine need to consult the health expert and get their jabs,” he said.


Asked how he felt after meeting fellow artiste Murudzwa is the same queue for the vaccine, he added:


“Murudzwa is my sister and home girl from Manicaland who also has a huge influence.


“We have done two songs together and she has become part of my family.


“As such, we need to fully utilise our influence as celebrities and help change people’s opinions.


“It’s our duty as celebrities to create awareness against the spread of the coronavirus as well as encouraging members of the public to seriously take the vaccine.”


Mukoma Panga who has just released his second album titled Phimbi Yegudo said he was looking forward to the opening of the creative sector.


“A number of artistes are still grounded at home and such efforts by Government to have people vaccinated for free shows that we are making inroads.


“The fear about getting the vaccine should come to an end since the vaccine has been certified by health experts,” he said.

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