Museums bosses trial in false start

26 Sep, 2019 - 12:09 0 Views
Museums bosses trial in false start Godgrey Mahach i(right) and Darlington Munyikwa


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

HEAD of Special Unit Prosecution Thabani Mpofu was in a no show yesterday causing the matter of the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe (NMMZ) bosses to be postponed once again.

NMMZ executive director Godfrey Mahachi and his deputy Darlington Munyikwa yesterday appeared before Harare regional magistrate Christopher Maturure.

Maturure was not amused by the absence of Mpofu for the umpteenth time saying that he should also consider the duo’s defence counsels who will be in attendance on time.

Representing Mpofu, regional prosecutor George Manokore, made an application to have the matter postponed to December on the basis that he was supposed to be engaged in State duty involving repatriation of bodies from Mozambique.

Mahachi’s lawyer opposed the application saying that he was hearing that information for the first time and his client was supposed to go to Mozambique mid-September but had postponed to have the trial disposed of.

“We are opposed to that application and we make a counter application of refusal of further remand as the continual postponement is infringing their rights to liberty, it was indicated that trial was to commence on 27 August but failed as we faced significant problems in securing the State papers from the State.

“Clearly the State’s house is not in order and they have enough resources to keep track of an accused person and he can be summoned they wish, they are senior government officials who can never flee trial, all the matters involving the special unit prosecution always see the accused persons inconvenienced,’ he said.

In response to the application, Manokore said he didn’t have the documentation neither did he have full instructions from Mpofu to adequately respond to the application.

Mahachi and his alleged accomplice stand accused of allocating themselves 560 litres of fuel every month without Government approval.


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