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HELLO music lovers and fun-loving people,

I feel grateful after being afforded this opportunity to share my life story in my own capacity as a songwriter, producer.

I have been longing for this chance since I have plenty to share with fellow artistes.

As an artistes who was largely self-taught and helped by others to hone my trade, I belief in hard work, focus and creativity.

In my case, I have developed after learning from the best and I can still I can inspire others. Read on…


My full name is Timothy Fresh Kamuti even though my peers and those in Zim Hip Hop movement prefer calling me by the moniker, Papie Fresh.

I was born and raised in Mabelreign in a family of four – two boys and two girls.

For my primary education, I learnt at Haig Park Primary School before I proceeded to Prince Edward for my high school.

I studied Media Management in South Africa and studied a bit of Marketing.

It was during that time when I was studying in South Africa when I decided to get serious about music.

This also prompted me to end up studying about music production.

So basically I am a one man band since I produce, write and record myself.

I also do the mixing and mastering of music at my home studio.

I am currently a sales executive at Fuchs Oil Technology.


As a musician, I am looking forward to become the next biggest artist in Africa and even beyond.

It is also my vision to turn around the local music industry by giving fans a different sound and showing them that a man is capable of doing a lot by themselves.

I would like to be the face of Zimbabwean music such that whenever they talk about nice and long last music, they should talk about my name.


Growing up, I was an emotional person and I am also a very spiritual person.

Each time that I got bored or heartbroken, I would sing rather than cry.

After singing, I would feel like I have spoken to God and everything will be alright.

I started singing when I was in primary school and in a lot of churches in around Mabereign, Westgate and Ashdown Park.


I grew up around Etherton B of Judgement Yard who happens to be a cousin of mine.

Etherton B kept on pushing me until he could play my tracks in his booth and many people liked my music, which enabled me to connect with them.

Locally, I also look up Oskid.

I have ‘mad’ love and respect for respect for that man (Oskid) along with other artistes like Winky D, Takura, Tammy Moyo, Dobba Don and Nutty O.

Internationally, I listen to Drake, Davido, Nasty C, Jaquees and August Alsina.

Drake is my role model.

For my inspiration, I can safely say I was inspired by Ginimbi; He is so real  and a real African inspiration.

My motto is simple: as long as I can’t find my name on the Forbes list, I haven’t made it in life.


I started singing at a tender age in church.

I vividly remember myself singing a lot of acapella gospel music in such groups such as Living Sacrifice the Rock and I also formed my own group called the Wisemen, a gospel based group though.

Production wise, I was taught by Maffcat while Etherton B taught me the ropes.

The two fellows – Etherton and Maffcat – have been there for me.


As an artiste, I have recorded mainly singles with an album coming son.

I’m really planning to release the album titled Hwamanda Mudare.

Currently, I have multiple singles that I have just shelved and haven’t released.

Those which have been released comprise Munhuwo, Life Lesson, Kucheuka Vabereki, Bocola (Rhumba), Dairai Mambo, Samanyemba remix, Izingoma, Loyal (Chris brown cover), Munogona and Last Number featuring  Criminarie.


Regarding my love life, I can safely say I am in a relationship.

Our affair is going on pretty well and we are looking forward towards good things to come in life.

It’s that area (love) where I have also managed to handle myself.


Like any other artiste, I am not spared from the setbacks being faced by fellow artistes.

I have realised that I need to improve my studio equipment.

As an artiste, I need to invest a lot in people handling my affairs, especially the marketing side.

I also need the expertise of other artistes who have seen it all.


As a passionate performer, I had had my worst and memorable shows.

I vividly remembers my worst show which was affected by poor sound system.

The sound system developed a fault and the whole performance was compromised.

I had invested a lot in the show and I was heartbroken.


Despite my I mentioned earlier on, I once played before business executives on a boat cruise.

I was the only ordinary guy there since I performed before big names such as Munyaradzi Gwatidzo the Astro mobile CEO, Bryton Bako the Prolific CEO and a lot and they appreciated so much.


On a parting shot, I would like to thank my handlers, fans  and sponsors who have been there for me over the years.

Now that I’m trying to be my own man, I won’t forget the love I was showed by the elders.

I thank you!

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