Music is a universal language: Nickie Spice

Zolani Nleya

RISING Zim dancehall star, Nickie Spice, says mature music is a universal language that all people can understand.

Speaking to H-Metro, the Usandidaro singer opened up on how music can be used as a tool that can entertain and educate people.

“My main goal is for us to be able to communicate with each other and to share emotions.

“Music is a universal language that is only kind and never offends you. 

“I want to be able to change someone’s life through the love I sing.

“To be able to encourage someone to do something good for the people they love and to be able to work with different people and to get it done, no matter the country,” she said.

Nickie revealed she is currently focusing on producing quality music and will not rush into projects.

“I feel I have more work to put in myself. 

“And, for the ones that are under my wing, I want those two girls to be bigger than me, look up to me and see what I’m really doing.

“But, I wouldn’t mind working with Tamy Moyo, MizDee, Precious Frank. 

“I want to be able to work with great producers Oskid, T Man, to mention a few,” Nickie said.

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