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STATE-RUN musical galas have raised the profile of the Chillspot Records clique led by DJ Fantan.

The artist was probably at his best during the Defence Forces Day celebrations at the National Sports Stadium.

He once again proved his worth as a talented performer, chanter and dancer.

His stage communication, engagement with the fans as well as remarkable choreography, has transformed him into a darling of many.

Plucked from the dusty streets of Mbare doing passa passa shows, DJ Fantan’s success story came out of resilience.

A true representative and ambassador of the Zim dancehall movement, his stable has also churned out a number of popular chanters, among them Enzo Ishall.

With the backing of Levelz, the clique has proved to be a huge force.

Loved by fans of all ages, DJ Fantan’s appeal is a clear indication that Zimbabwe is endowed with rich talent.

The same platforms, where DJ Fantan is thriving, have managed to revive the careers of some artists, who appeared to have been on their way down.

The likes of the late Cephas Mashakada and Hosiah Chipanga managed to revive their fortunes by performing at such events.

These platforms have also given birth to emerging stars, especially Alick Macheso’s two sons – Esau and Tatenda.

The new crop of sungura artists, led by Mark Ngwazi, Romeo Gasa, Peter Moyo, Simon Mutambi Bio Mudimba  are some of the artists who have used these platforms to explode into the real deal.

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