Musician Ashley Matowa drops Covid-19 song

Peterson Marivadze

Musician Ashley “Shleyoung” Matowa has released a campaigning song for Covid -19 which educate people on the measures everyone should practice to avoid spread of the virus.

The musician was seen in town in the central business district donating masks to the homeless “known as street kids”.

The musician said it’s a good thing as a public figure to help those in need especially on things that affect the nation.

This is a pandemic which requires everyone to participate inorder to stop the spread of this virus. The musician also wishes other artist to join in this campaign against the spread of Covid-19.

The musician is also set to drop 3 songs titled drug abuse, one people and unity. Drug abuse is a campaigning song for drug abuse in the ghetto and how it has been affecting the youth, leading them to do unscrupulous activities.

One people and unity are songs which talks about how people difference in opinions should not divide them but help them to grow in their understanding.

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