Musician dreams big

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Musician dreams big Minister-The Messenger


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

Contemporary musician Chrisborn Singwere claims he is the messenger of good news as he drops debut album.

Better known as Minister-The Messenger, the crooner said he was the missing link in the music industry.


The Chegutu based artiste dropped his debut album titled The Messenger of Good news.


The album carries ten tracks namely Kamunamato, Kutaura nemi, Ndinewe, Totangira ipapo, Mafura mhepo, Ruregerero, Handitye, Ndipe Rudo, Angela and the title track Messenger of good news.


In an interview, Minister believes he has struck the right chords in his first offering.


“I believe this album will certainly take me to another level.


“On the song Messenger of good news I am trying to explain my mission to people that as a messenger I was sent with good news just to put smiles on their faces and also renew hopes.


“The song Kamunamato talks about how I was raised by my mother who encouraged me to pray, so as I ventured into music I start with a prayer.


“The song Totangira ipapo is a love song which talks about a man who fell in love with a prostitute and he doesn’t care about what people say,” he said.


He celebrates his 34th birthday this Friday.


“My birthday celebrations will be different this year because I am celebrating two things born day and great entry into music.


“I have every reason to celebrate and I am confident I will win hearts of many if i get a fair share of air play.


“Music is my mission and I have been waiting for this golden opportunity.


“I will be sharing my music on all social media platforms,” he said.


The album was recorded at Hermas Studio in Chegutu.

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