Musicians seek parly help

10 May, 2019 - 14:05 0 Views


Wadzanai Madhibha, H-Metro Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Music Rights Association has urged parliament to intervene and help musicians recover royalties owed to them by ZBC.

This was revealed yesterday during the Media, Information and Broadcasting committee chaired by Binga North legislator, Prince Sibanda.

When the ZIMURA representatives were asked what their prayer was, board member of Witness Zhangazha said they wanted parliament to intervene so that ZBC settles its debt.

“We are owed more than $700 000 by ZBC and we want this committee to make sure that ZBC settle its debt in full as they have been owing us since 2012,” said Zhangazha.

Zhangazha told the committee that ZBC had a contract with ZIMURA that they would use the music when they want and in turn pay royalties.

“We entered into an agreement with ZBC that they would use music of our members when they wanted and they would pay revenue through the money they get from advertisers.

“Periodically ZBC would tell us the fraction of the money they owe us, but they have been neglecting to pay what they owe us.

“They would make promises that they would pay us and they would breach the promise,” he said.

He added that they have been instructed by artists to withdraw music from ZBC.

“We have been asked by the musicians to withdraw music from ZBC, but we cannot do that since we have a contract with them and we will be breaching it,” he added.

Musician Baba Manyeruke also told the committee that it was sad that ZBC was not paying royalties.

“It pains that ZBC plays our music but they do not want to pay for the music,” he said.

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