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9 July 2018

DYNAMOS coach Lloyd Mutasa was disappointed yesterday after his side failed to secure three points against Chicken Inn at Rufaro.

Mutasa, who said they had prepared well for the game following a two week mid-season break, suffered a heartbreak right at the end when the Gamecocks equalised to force a 1-1 draw.

“We lost first encounter against Chicken Inn and we thought it was payback time so I was disappointed by the draw.

“We had prepared well for this game so to us this is two points lost,” he said.

Mutasa believes most of his players deserve a chance in the second half of the season.

“We disappointed as a club but we managed to play one of the best teams in the league so we get solace from that.

“As much as we wanted three points I would want to applaud these youngsters for a good show, lapses in concentration do happen here and there but I am impressed with how they started the second half of the season,” Mutasa said.

Mutasa could not give much detail on arrangements to lure Christian Epoupa back into the team but he said he will not be very active during this transfer window.

“We only have a two slots that need to be filled so I will not be focused much on getting players but if we are lucky enough we get one or two.

“When you already have players with contracts, you don’t need to chase them away so we will give them all equal chances with team.

“However, Epoupa is a Dynamos at heart and it cannot be a surprise if he comes home,” he said.

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