Mutoko woman loses protection order application

20 Sep, 2022 - 00:09 0 Views
Mutoko woman loses protection order application


Clotilder Mwanza

A MUTOKO woman left the Harare Civil Court dejected after her protection order application was dismissed.

Tinani Kazingizi accused her estranged husband, Simon Chikanya, of emotional abuse.

She also accused him of attempting to evict her from their matrimonial home.

Presiding magistrate, Rutendo Machingura, dismissed her application for lack of evidence.

During proceedings, Kazingizi said Simon made a number of phone calls telling her to vacate their matrimonial home.

“I am a vendor operating at the house. On August 5, he made a phone call and then he heard a customer’s voice in the background.

“Afterwards, he asked who is the person in my house and threatened to come and evict me.

“Recently, he called me saying I should leave the house and that he now has another wife,” said Tinani.

In response, Simon disputed the allegations.

“Your worship, I am shocked by the accusations. 

“I didn’t threaten or try to evict her.

“I am currently staying in Goromonzi at my parents’ plot and she is in Mutoko at our matrimonial home,” said Simon.

“I did call her on August 5 asking for the EcoCash number of my Grade 7 child’s teacher for extra lessons, but she gave me a wrong number.

“I then sent my younger brother to investigate at the school then he gave me a proper number.

“I didn’t understand my wife’s plan of giving me a wrong number.

“When I contacted the teacher, I was told the child had not yet paid any fees this year, but I sent my wife school fees,” Simon said.

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