Mutuma snubs Chegutu Pirates?

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Mutuma snubs Chegutu Pirates? Mutuma


17 May 2018


…avoids training sessions

…back home in Harare

STRIKER Rodreck Mutuma has opened up on the reasons why he has neither been staying in Chegutu nor attending training sessions at Chegutu Pirates in the Northern Region Soccer League.

Mutuma missed last Saturday’s derby against Golden Valley due to a ‘groin injury’ but an inquest into his whereabouts revealed that the striker has only attended training at Chegutu Pirates for two days only this season.

More so, Mutuma is not even staying in Chegutu and doesn’t even travel there for training at Pfupajena Stadium.

“Things are not stable there,” Mutuma told H-Metro.

“I think I trained three times there. I don’t have accommodation there. Where do I stay there?”

The grapevine has it that Mutuma has been training with Premiership giants CAPS United but the striker denied this.

“I am training alone. I am at home I have my own personal trainer, I am there (at home) planning.”

Chegutu Pirates coach Arthur Tutani admitted that no accommodation has been secured as yet for Mutuma in Chegutu.

What has irked Tutani though is, he agreed with Mutuma on a plan that would see the striker attending training twice a week in Chegutu –a thing that hasn’t happened.

“The situation is Rodreck stays in Harare and the accommodation in Chegutu is not forthcoming because of the resources.

“I asked him to train two days in Harare and two days in Chegutu but he is not turning up,” Tutani told H-Metro.

Tutani said Mutuma’s accommodation issue was being looked into by the Chegutu Pirates management but the striker hasn’t been keeping his promise of attending training at least twice a week.

Tutani says he still has plans with Mutuma at Chegutu Pirates but the striker should come for training just like any other player.

“He is still in our books and we want him but we only want him if he trains with the boys because as a team we must train together.

“We are not boozers, we are a very serious club although the resources are bad we must train as one.”

Mutuma has proven that he is a goal scoring machine as he netted six goals in four games for Chegutu Pirates; two goals in NRSL and four goals during the Independence Cup final against Makwiro Platinum.

Asked how Mutuma has been getting selection into the starting XI without attending training sessions, Tutani said:

“I select him because he is a senior guy. He is promising me that he is training in Harare but is not training in Chegutu.

“That’s why I never asked him to report for duty (for Golden Valley game) because he is not training with the guys. It will destroy the morale of the guys if he is not working with us.”

Mutuma reckons Chegutu Pirates has the potential to excel if the management addresses the financial challenges at the club.

“It’s a good team but the issue of finances. A sponsor promised them but then didn’t own up.

“There is no money there, the youngsters are trying but it’s hard for them. Isu tazvijaira tiri madhonza mu race but for youngsters it’s tight,” he said.

Just last week, Tutani went public about the financial situation at Chegutu Pirates claiming that him and the players are playing with empty stomachs and are not motivated.

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