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3 November 2017


YADAH striker Rodreck Mutuma has been blessed with a baby boy and named him Ricaldo Randall.

Ricaldo was born on Saturday in Harare.

“I am so happy. I had to rush to the hospital before the game so that I could see him and my wife and make sure that they are okay.

“I love them so much that I couldn’t wait after the game to see them,” he said.

The former Dynamos star added.

“I have been married for four years to my wife Paida Ncube and Ricaldo is a gift to us.

“Ricaldo is a Brazilian name. I just love it. The mother is the one who gave him the name Randall. She just said anonzi Randall and I never asked why that name.

“I just wish the best for my son, growing up I have always loved kids and I will make sure that I will be a good example to him.

“Fatherhood is a nice thing, I don’t want to lie that I am not enjoying it. Ricaldo has brought happiness into our lives and I love spending time with him. Every moment we spend together is priceless.

“I am spending so much time with him and we are bonding well kana kunetsa haanetse kana daddy varipo,” he said.

When asked if Ricaldo should follow his father’s footsteps career-wise, he said:

“No I don’t want him to play football, I want him to play maybe tennis, rugby or basketball because kubhora kune stress too much.

“I am just saying but if he decides to choose another career I will support him.

“What is important is just to understand what your child wants and l think I will be a good father to him and will help him all the way,” Mutuma said


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