Mutumwa’s debut SA trip

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Mutumwa’s debut SA trip Madzibaba Mutumwa


H-Metro Reporter

Bulawayo based Madzibaba Emmanuel ‘SG’ Mutumwa is leaving the country for a crusade set for Johannesburg from November 23 to 30.

The leader of Johanne Masowe Echishanu at Selbourne Park in Bulawayo expressed his excitement at his maiden trip to South Africa.

“I am ready to take shoko raBaba Johanne to South Africa and this is my first time to be invited to preach beyond the borders.

“I will be having one on one sessions starting November 23 to 24 at Bree Primary School.

“After that I will proceed to do a crusade at 14 Barnes Brixton Johannesburg from November 25 to 30.”

Madzibaba Mutumwa

Mutumwa said had it not been the good message he preaches, God could not have opened this platform to visit South Africa.

“This is the work of God and I am happy to take the gospel of Baba Johanne to South Africa.

“Last week we have Australians who came all the way to come and seek help from our shrine.

“This is good feedback from the work we are doing in Bulawayo.

“I invite many others who have troubles to come and get deliverance,” he added.

Mutumwa expects a busy schedule ahead.

“We have a lot of work to do since I have seen many people coming to us.

“Last week we delivered someone who came with demons and aichema sembudzi.”

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