MUVHEVHI A MENTAL PATIENT. . . Killer to be committed to Chikurubi psychiatric unit

Zvikomborero Parafini

HOMICIDE suspect, Jason Muvhevhi, has been committed to the Chikurubi psychiatric unit after two mental health experts confirmed that he is mentally challenged.

The gun toting ex-cop was examined by two psychiatrists at Chikurubi.

They both confirmed that he is a mental patient.

Presiding magistrate Dennis Mangosi then made the decision to detain him at Chikurubi Psychiatric Unit for mental treatment and further management of the case thereafter.

The gold dealer is said to have gone on a shooting spree in January, leaving three people dead.

Another police officer, who was injured in the shooting, was left battling for his life in hospital.

It is alleged Muvhevhi arrived at Chrispen Kanerusine’s shrine.

He was in the company of one Shupikai Muvhevhi.

He was dressed in all black against the church’s doctrine and was given a white cloth to cover himself with.

The court was told the ex-cop sat with other worshipers as Kanerusine delivered his sermon.

It is alleged Muvhevhi went to his vehicle, which was parked close to the shrine, and came back with a pistol which he used to shoot the preacher once in the head.

After learning about the event, the Officer in Charge of Hwedza Police Station, Inspector Maxwell Hove, assembled his response team and went to the shrine to conduct an investigation.

They met Muvhevhi along the Hwedza-Murambinda Highway and blocked his vehicle intending to confront him but he then started firing at them.

He shot Hove three times in the head and the officer died on the spot.

He is also shot Constable Tendai Mugova in the stomach and on his pelvis.

Muvhevhi made a U-turn and drove towards Murambinda business centre where he shot and killed Munashe Munjani, after a brief chat with him.

On January 14 Muvhevhi went to Mutare Boys High School where he fired three shots at someone who had refused to give him food.

He missed him on all the three occasions,

Muvevi then skipped the border and was later arrested in Mozambique.

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