Muvingi set to showcase at ZAS

Curtworth Masango

THE Oxman, Jonathan Muvingi, is set to showcase his strength at the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show.

He is one of the strongest men in the country.

He exhibits his strength in a number of spectacular ways which have captured the imagination of the country.

His feat has earned him the moniker “The Oxman.”

He has in the past pulled a 6.5-tone haulage truck using his shoulders or jaws.

He has attended every episode of the ZAS since 2018 except for the one held last year.

Muvingi has promised his fans a rare treat of stunts.

“From Thursday (yesterday) to Saturday, we are going to be at the Agricultural Show,” he said.

“We are promising a lot of entertainment and people should come and witness.

“I prepared well and I know and I am sure that we will have a good show.

“I will be pulling a haulage truck, having a car drive on top of my leg and I will also be lifting cars.

“I am perfecting some of the aspects of the game and I am sure I will be able to do well during the show.”

The Oxman has been drawing good crowds wherever he has been performing.

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