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Charles Mushinga,Deputy Editor

ZIMBABWE-born cricket sensation Tawanda Muyeye, who made headlines last year when he was named cricketer of the year, at Eastbourne College in East Sussex, England, has broken into England’s County cricket by signing a three-year contract for Kent.

H-Metro spoke to the 20-year-old and he was ecstatic, “Obviously I feel really lucky and honoured to be given a chance to play the game I love and just to do something I’ve always wanted to do and make some friends along the way which I am most excited about,” he said adding that it was an opportunity he never saw coming.

“No (I never saw it coming) not at all, I just trialled at different places and Kent managed to be the right fit for my family and I so I am happy to be here and look forward to working hard to keep getting better as a person and cricketer.”

Before this feat, Muyeye’s highlight was scoring a double hundred against Brighton College as a teenager, but he says signing for Kent is a new high.


“Definitely, it’s what I’ve dreamed of since I was young to play cricket at this level. But there is a lot of hard work to go before I can even think of being a pick in the team so I am looking forward to learning from the senior players who have been outstanding.


The coaches too are top drawer and are so willing to help anyone in the team with anything which is exciting!”


The former Peterhouse scholar says he sees his move as an opportunity to rub shoulders with many of England national team players in County cricket as opposed to fearing competition for a pick.


“I wouldn’t see it as pressure but it’s a chance to test myself as a cricketer and as someone who wants to play cricket for a long time I have to compete and learn very quickly to have any success at this level.


There are people at the club who are willing to help along the way in every aspect so I am just trying to take it one day at a time as someone who is new to the game. I have to listen a lot in order for me to get anywhere in my career.”


He says his immediate goal is to apply himself to improve his opportunities.


“My immediate goal is getting to know the team, and to just work hard and keep improving my game and just trying my best. That’s all I could ever do.


International cricket is a long shot for me right now, so I will just focus on doing my best for Kent, and see where this journey may take me God willing.”


Muyeye says signing this three-year contract means a lot to his family.


“Everyone is happy for me, because they have seen the journey I’ve had to go via, so it’s lovely to see my parents and siblings happy for me. It’s a big thing for them as it is to me because it’s been an interesting journey.”


Asked about his international cricket preferences, he said that is a bridge he will cross another day.


“There is still a very long way to go before I even think about the other things. My immediate focus is playing cricket for Kent and getting to know my teammates and coaches and take every day as it comes to get better as a person and cricketer,” he says.

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