Mwenje gulps 20 contraceptive pills

08 May, 2018 - 18:05 0 Views
Mwenje gulps 20 contraceptive pills


8 May 2018

‘. . . I could have died’


Dancehall musician Jeffery “Landlord” Mwenje escaped death by a whisker after he consumed 20 tablets of contraceptives assuming that he was taking drugs to boost his confidence on stage.

“I could have died but I believe God wanted me to learn my lesson that is why I am still alive.

“I normally gain confidence to sing when I am high so recently I mistakenly took family planning pills whilst I wanted to sing at a dancehall clash that was being done in my neighbourhood.

“I have been a drug addict ever since I was young because I was exposed to drugs when I was a tender age.

“In all these years, one of my strategies that would make me high was taking pain killer tablets.

“Five of them were enough to get me high so when I mistakenly took the family planning tablets I didn’t get high, I then kept on consuming them until I got to twenty.

“After my performance I realised I wasn’t drunk but I was actually getting sick, I started losing strength and sweating and my whole body started shivering,” said the Chitungwiza bred chanter.

Jeffery said he was taken to the hospital by one of his friends who noticed he was unwell.

“When I was telling my friends that I was not feeling well they didn’t take me serious until one of my friends realised I was serious and took me to the hospital.

“When I got there I don’t know what kind of treatment I received since I was unconscious.

“I could have died if I wasn’t taken to the hospital early and when I went home I realised that the pills I had taken were not pain killers but family planning tablets,” he said.

Jeffery also warned young people from indulging into drugs.

“I know there are so many young people who are like me who are addicted to drugs but I want to warn them from doing so.

“I have started a campaign where I am sharing with young people my testimony of the experiences I have had as a drug addict.

“Though I still have the desire to take drugs, I promised myself that I will not take them anymore,” he said.

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