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IMAGINE a Division One club spending a week in Kariba as part of a bonding exercise between the players and their coaches?

It’s something we used to expect from only the top Premiership clubs but the domestic football landscape has changed.

Now, ambitious Division One side MWOS have just spent a week in the Kariba heat as part of the final phase of their preparations for the ZIFA Northern Region Division One championship race.

It was a bonding exercise for the players, who have welcomed a number of new faces, who include Raphael Mudaviwa and Farau Matare, into the squad.

It was also a bonding exercise for the coaches with head coach Lloyd Mutasa welcoming Joseph “Shaba” Takaringofa, among his assistants.

MWOS are very clear on their objective this year – the league championship ticket.

“The feeling in camp is that if Chegutu Pirates can do it, we should also be confident that we can also do it,” said a club official.

“It’s not easy but it’s worth trying and it appears we have a group of players who are united for this cause.”

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