Tafara Chibanda

THEY are churchmates but one of them is now claiming her pal is having an affair with her husband and has been bombarding him with messages and buying him underwear. Needmore Ferenando told the Harare Civil Court that Juliet Kuengwa has been having an illicit relationship with her hubby. Needmore was dragged to court by Juliet who claimed she was threatening her.

Needmore said one night, when she called her husband to check his whereabouts, she could hear Juliet’s voice in the background.

Then, she claimed, her son then spotted his father’s car parked late at night, in a secluded lot, and advised her.

“When I got to the spot, I found my husband undressed in the vehicle with Juliet.

“I went straight to our priest for counseling but, even after that, Juliet keeps sending my husband birthday messages and buying him underwear,” said Needmore.

She said Juliet has been seducing her husband for some time. Juliet denied the allegations. She claimed Needmore has been threatening and insulting her.

“I am not having an affair with her husband but rather her husband is my business partner. He is the one who approached me to start a business with him and we are even planning to register our company.

“I’m scared she might kill me, because she moves around with a knife and once stabbed her own husband. On Sunday, she hired hooligans and came to my house looking for me, I heard they wanted to beat me,” said Juliet

Magistrate Joana Mukwesha threw out Juliet’s application for a protection order after ruling that there was insufficient evidence to prove that her life was in danger.

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