‘My son wonders why I’m taking longer to die’

Millicent Chasinda

A HARARE man has told the Civil Court that his son keeps asking him why he is taking longer to die.

Abraham Isa is accusing his son Duncan of not paying rentals as per their agreement.

“He asked me why I am I taking too long to die,” he said.

“The house is not his, it’s mine, we agreed I use two rooms and he takes the other two rooms but now he is saying the house is his.

“He is not even paying the bills but he is spending the money.

“I even have the receipt from the council.”

In response to the accusations Duncan said:

“The information that I want to assault him and want him dead is not true.

“He gave me the house and I have the proof of the documents.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira said that there was no evidence of the assault and dismissed the application.

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