MY TEAM, MY NATION, MY COUNTRY, MY HOME . . . What about JZ at the 2026 World Cup?

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MY TEAM, MY NATION, MY COUNTRY, MY HOME . . . What about JZ at the 2026 World Cup? Jordan Zemura (Left)


WHAT about writing a beautiful story about Jordan Zemura playing at the FIFA World Cup in 2026?

Sounds like a fantasy?

Of course, it does because Zimbabwe’s Warriors have never qualified for football’s greatest showcase.

And, right now, the Warriors cannot qualify for the World Cup because they remain suspended from international football by FIFA.

But, this hasn’t stopped Jordan Zemura, the pick of the generation of footballers who will probably fight for the Warriors in their 2026 World Cup qualifying campaign, to stop dreaming.

And, wondering what it will feel like for the sports journalists to also write stories about him representing his beloved country at the World Cup finals in four years’ time.

revealed his one big wish from this year’s World Cup – to see Lionel Messi finally get his hands on the trophy.

He has been discussing the 2022 World Cup with the Daily Echo.

A proud African, he has been supporting the continent’s representatives.

“They’re getting really close,” he told the newspaper.

“Hopefully, one day Zimbabwe, my team, my country, my nation can, hopefully, join the elite forces up top.

“2026, you might be reporting on me going to the World Cup, who knows!?”

Zemura also has a soft spot for Lionel Messi.

Widely considered as the greatest player to have ever played the game, Messi was involved in a fight to try and keep Argentina in the World Cup, in their battle against Poland, last night.

This will likely be the final chance for the 35-year-old to win the World Cup, having come so close in 2014, when Argentina lost to Germany in the final.

PSG superstar Messi, a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, has scored a remarkable 93 goals in 167 appearances for his country.

Two of those have come during this World Cup, against Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

Following a shock defeat to the Saudis, Argentina kept their hopes of progressing out of Group C alive by defeating Mexico.

They needed a result against Poland, to move through to the last 16. Asked who he would like to see win the World Cup, Zemura told the Daily Echo: “I want him to do it.

“I’d love an African team to do it, obviously for Africa, so I’m Team Senegal, even Team Morocco and Team Africa.

“But I want him to do it, the little GOAT. I want Messi to win it.

“Hopefully, it’s his fifth World Cup. I’d love him to win it.” – Sports Reporter/Daily Echo


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