Mzimba weds after 17 years of marriage

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Mzimba weds after 17 years of marriage Mzimba and wife


Latwell Nyangu

OUTSPOKEN rapper, Webster “Mzimba” Manjoro, has tied the knot with his wife after 17 years of staying together.

He urged other couples to do the same as a way to give security to their partners.

 “We have been married for the past 17 years with Cynthia Sibongile Musa under the customary marriage and we decided to wed now.

“We are blessed with four children and if you love your partner, you should give them security.

“She needs to understand that hauna imwe plan except iye chete. 

“Even when things go bad or good you will be together throughout,” he said.

Added Mzimba:

“In my case, the best thing that I could do for my wife was to legally marry her because we have come a long way and I love her.

“A lot happens in marriages and people always think that men cheat, and they never get enough from their spouses.”

The rapper, who has been operating a low profile said, he is not a spent force.

 He has a new album titled Rombe.

“I am saying love exists and it’s a song to preach love.

Nyanduri arikuti rudo chairwo ruriko and ndiwe zvese zvangu. 

“Mari handina asi unondida ndakadaro and ndinokuda wakadaro.

“I am currently working on the visuals with Naxo films and the audios were produced by Kanda paBeat (Tinashe Kanda).”

On his silence, Mzimba said:

“Great men havaperi, we are the owners of this industry, we have the notes on how it’s done.

“Look at all the old horses, how they are performing. Whether I sing or not, I still make an impact.

“So ndakapenga kwete kuti ndakapera. I have a song which is making noise.”

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