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NABBED FOR STEALING MEAT Suspects arrive at court


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

Seven suspects were yesterday dragged to court after they reportedly stole meat worth $86 100 from their employer Ajay Butchery.

The suspects, Wisdon Maponde, Kizito Chezani, Phineas Muchineripi, Padzioso Masawi, Hezekia Hwachi, Crispus Ruza and Edwin Mabande Makondora were not asked to plead when they appeared before Harare Magistrate Isheunesu Matova.


They were all remanded in custody to today for bail ruling.

Allegations are that six of the accused persons who work at the butchery except Ruza connived to steal from their employer and they packed it into various plastic bags and threw it over the precast wall to the neighbouring premises.


Ruza who stays at the neighbouring premises where the meat had been thrown to took the meat and placed it in a wooden container pending the sharing of the meat amongst them all.


The State alleges that the cashier was monitoring the CCTV camera after noticing suspicious movements and notified Talal Hassan who is the managing director who went to investigate and he found Ruza holding a plastic bag of meat and fled after noticing that their deal had been busted.


Hassan reportedly then checked around the premises and recovered the wooden box that was full of fresh meat and biltong that had been stolen from the butchery and a police report was made to CID stores leading to their arrest.


The stolen fresh beef weighed 115kg and 5kgs of biltong worth $86 100.

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