NAMAS Aftermath

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NAMAS Aftermath Nicholas Moyo


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

After the 18th National Art Merit Awards ceremony various people who include winners and fans took to social media to post about the event.

Below are some of the talking points, reactions and responses from various people to the issues that happened at the event that was held last Saturday at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC).

Baba Harare’s dress code

Several people on social media felt Baba Harare was wrongly dressed for the awards ceremony.

The Reason Why singer appeared on the red carpet donning a Chicago Bulls red jersey and a pair of jeans when the recommended dress code was African attire.

Apart from not donning the African attire, people felt he could still dress more appropriately for the occasion.

However he felt otherwise and his response was:

“African attire was not a must, they said you can wear or not.

“Yandanga ndakarova ndogonzo kutowainira kiti kwacho.

“I was trying to do something different,” he said.

On his instagram he posted a picture on the red carpet with a caption written:

Bhawa rakatodhakwa zvaro, disorder iyoyo ndoitori order yangu mukatoichinja munondivhiringinza.”

E Q manager’s winding speech  

It appears Ex Q’s manager, Samuel Mukondo was a bit overwhelmed after scooping two gongs at the awards.

He gave a winding speech, breaking the awards speech rule which highly recommends the winner to write down their speech or just keep it short and sweet.

When he calmed down, he updated his WhatsApp status with a picture of him at the awards’ podium with a caption:

“Thank you Lord I have no idea what I was talking about.

“What was I saying? Congrats team Ex Q music.”

DJ Tamuka feels unappreciated

Music producer DJ Tamuka felt unappreciated after not being awarded at the event despite being behind some of the productions that scooped gongs at the awards.

Tamuka was behind the song of the year Kanjiva by Enzo Ishall, album of the year Tseu Tseu by Ex Q and also produced Dzamutsana which scooped the best video award.

He launched a hashtag NAMA WONT DO IT and posted a video thanking himself because NAMA wouldn’t appreciate him.

“I want congratulate myself for producing song of the year Kanjiva because NAMA won’t do it, I want to congratulate for producing Dzamutsana because NAMA won’t do it and also congratulate myself for producing Tseu Tseu because NAMA won’t do it,” he says in the video.

Enzo Ishall celebrates gong where it all started

Dancehall artiste of the moment, Enzo Ishall who scooped the gong for song of the year, took his award to where he started his music career for a celebration with his day ones.

He posted a picture of him and his mates having a good time.

“Totenda Mwari takatora Nama award haizi nyore kana muchida vabvunzei.

“Award iri ndaenda naro kwanda katanga kusimbiswa kughetto rangu pa gangstar corner.

“We celebrated today like we were celebrating New Year,” he captioned the picture.

Stunner has a go at no voters

Rapper Stunner had a go at no voters who just complain about awards results but not having contributed their votes to the candidates they would want to win.

He posted his opinion after people’s shocker response to gospel diva Mai Patai’s win, which scooped the Viewer’s Choice Award at the expense of favourites Winky D, Jah Prayzah and Alick Macheso.

He posted:

“Problem ndeyekuti masalad hamuvhote but you find time to complain.”




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