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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

AFRICA’S coolest kid Nasty C has been hailed for giving hope to Zimbabwean pupils through motivational interfacing.

The 22-year-old, who wraps up his four-day farmiliarisation tour, was embraced by school pupils in the capital and its environs who look up to him.

The visit was facilitated by Zim Hip Hop game-changer King 98 who has been closely working with the top South African rapper.

Ever since he arrived in the country Sunday night, the rapper has been preaching the gospel of hope  and humility among African children.

So humble and loving was Nasty C that he decided to spare his busy schedule to meet young fans in Zimbabwe who could not hide their admiration of the star.

However, credit goes to King 98’s handlers and sponsors who made sure Nasty C meets Hararians just on time before their last leg of the Ivyson Tour set for December 21.

King 98’s manager and most trusted lieutenant, DJ Simz, said Nasty C has breathed hope to most young ones.

“When Nasty C agreed to come and be with us here for a couple of days,  we knew we was going to make a difference,”  said DJ Simz who brokered the deal.

“We have managed to take him to a number of schools in Harare like Roosevelt High, Cornway College, Allan Wilson,  Heritage College and  this alone shows that he was willing to meet most of his fans who loves his music.

“We have also managed to take him around the capital so that he get farmiliar with fans.

“The fans embraced him and some of them could not hide their admiration of the star,” he said.

DJ Simz describe the high school interface as a huge success as the rapper managed to give a number of radio interviews.

“As you noted, Nasty C held a series of radio interviews and managed to interact with his fans.

“He was interviewed in Power FM, Star FM and Capitalk during his tour where lucky fans won tickets to the December 21 show which was also part of the tour to hype the event,” he said.

He said the top brass at Impala Car Rental was also impressed by the way Nasty C carried himself and implored local artistes to learn one or a thing from the visiting rapper.

“During Nasty C’s, it was the Star FM ‘studio invasion’ on Monday which will remain etched in the minds of many.

“Nasty C, King 98 and Enzo Ishall hosted their own show and that is all we wanted to see happing in Zimbabwe for the growth of the arts sector.

“We have also realised that fans need fresh ideas and that’s what was lakcing in Zimbabwe is at the moment

“As he departs on Thursday (tomorrow), it’s no doubt fans would have learnt something,” he added.

The visit has also come at a time when the two – Nasty C  and King 98 – have been be drumming up support ahead of the last leg of the Ivyson Tour in Zimbabwe.

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