Natasha Muz evolving

Maria Chiguvari

AFTER playing a role in a drama titled Captain Mfombi, Zim hip-hop artist Natasha Muz found herself stepping outside her comfort zone by taking part in another movie that addresses the hardships faced by women in music.

Tilted Emma, Natasha will play the leading role in the film.

This will be the second time she will be featuring in a film.

“People don’t get to see how some are struggling to make ends meet,” said Natasha.

“I’m playing a role called Emma.

“For me, as an actress, it was great to have all of those layers in one role – to be able to do the hair, the make-up, the glamour but then to be able to strip it all down.”

She said the inspiration to write the piece was the idea of changing the conversation in the music industry in terms of how women are failing to make it in real life.

“For me, it’s not the first time featuring in a drama, It is actually my second time, once did a drama/skit titled Captain Mfombi, which featured Probeats.

“It was directed by Charles from Invasion studios.

“The film titled Emma was shot by Director Leo.

“The film shows how some of our women are striving and meeting different situations, living in the industry and struggling daily to make ends meet.”

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