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THE Ministry of Health and Child Care is close to completing the National Cancer Control Plan, which will establish guidelines for managing cancer in the country.

The Ministry’s Non-Communicable Diseases Department manager, Lee Nkala, said there was a need for regular data detailing cancer incidence rates.

The Ministry currently relies on the National Cancer Registry from 2018, and Nkala revealed that the Health Informatics and Data Analytics Department has been collaborating with the cancer department to produce more regular figures.

Nkala also referred to the Government’s “political commitment” to handling cancer, with resuscitated radiotherapy departments.

“The Government is showing political commitment by resuscitating the radiotherapy departments and also ensuring that we come up with a strategic document on how best we can manage cancer as a country,” he said.

He explained that they are putting some finishing touches on the National Cancer Control Plan such as the costing component.

“What is only left is to align it with the strategic plan which is currently being developed for the Ministry of Health for Vision 2030 and as such, we have come up with all the necessary requirements except costing.

“I think if we also complete the costing part, then we are ready to unveil the documents,” Nkala said.

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