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25 January 2019

. . . victory for the arts!

THE arts sector last night won big after the late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi was declared a national hero.

President Mnangagwa said they had one of the easiest tasks in agreeing on Tuku’ status.

The date of burial will be announced once the Tuku family hold a meeting with Government representatives.

Award-winning gospel artiste Tatenda Mahachi said it was long overdue for an artist to be appointed a hero

“We are glad Tuku has been declared a national hero.

“To the arts sector this is a triumph,” said Mahachi.

Former Black Spirits instrumentalist, Mono Mukundu had this to say:

“We feel respected as musicians with the conferment of the national hero status to Tuku.”

Mbira princess Hope Masike was equally ecstatic:

“Besides the fact that he has been beyond a cultural ambassador for Zimbabwe and Africa, he also deserved this accolade because for the first time arts and culture here in Zimbabwe has been crowned greater than mere entertainment,” she said.

Dub poet Albert Nyathu said:

“We are very happy that hero status at national level has been conferred to an artist.

“Tuku’s works united people who were divided by politicians.”

Jazz crooner Dereck Mpofu weighed in:

“I am very ecstatic that a luminary like Tuku has been given this honour.

“I believe it opens doors for respect and honour that artists, as the pulse of society, have always deserved.”

Alick Macheso who was working on a new project with Tuku said.

“Tapinda, zvinofadza izvi.”

Not to be outdone is Suluman Chimbetu:

“It was long overdue. We are happy, Government has shown us respect.”

Somandla Ndebele also shared his views:

“As artists we deserve to be honoured, I am happy for Tuku and the music industry.

“We have been honoured, I thank Government for the honour.”


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