NATTY, YOU’RE NASTY!. . . Celebrity MC fails to pay apartment rentals for three months

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NATTY, YOU’RE NASTY!. . . Celebrity MC fails to pay apartment rentals for three months MC Natty


Mathew Masinge

MC NATTY, who is demanding to take custody of his three children from his former wife, hasn’t paid rent for three months for the apartment he resides at in Harare.

The outstanding arrears, H-Metro understands, total US$1500.

Ironically, MC Natty has dragged his ex-wife, Hazel Zimuto to court, demanding custody of their three children aged 11, four and 10 months.

“I do understand that I am the immediate guardian of these children after their mother with the knowledge that the children are now under the custody of their grandmother,” MC Natty said in his court papers.

“I pray that I be granted custody of my children as the mother has proved to have failed to look after our children on her own.

“I can provide them with all their needs as I am well capable to provide shelter, education, food, clothing and health for all three of them.”

However, H-Metro has been informed that he is having challenges in settling his rent and has fallen out with his landlady.

The controversial MC’s lease agreement at Nkwisi Gardens, Harare, expired in December last year.

He has resisted all orders for him to vacate the apartment.

He now owes US$1 500 for three months for the US$500 per month apartment.

The landlady, who preferred anonymity, told H-Metro that she was now fed up with MC Natty’s excuses.

“I have been requesting him to move out of the house since January, but he is dragging his feet.

“He always makes false promises to pay.

“I am fed up with him and have taken the matter up with my lawyers since he is refusing to move out.”

She also claimed the MC hadn’t paid his utility bills, since occupying the apartment, in September last year.

“He owes close to US$300 in water bills and he hasn’t been paying anything towards the house.

Chake kungogara nemukadzi wake.

“Ndaneta naye, pacho paaibhadhara during the first few months, he was paying in instalments.

Dai hake achingobuda mari yacho yaari kuda kundipa onobhadhara mberi,” she said.

Contacted for comment, MC Natty said he was in the process of resolving the issue.

“It’s not entirely true. Yes, I have been delaying paying my rentals, but we had an agreement that I would pay her at a later date.

“We have found a new place and we will be moving out at the end of this month.

“I can’t deny the brunt of the harsh economic situation and I have not been spared, kuri kupisa kunze uku,” said MC Natty.

He added: “Business is still low and it’s different from last year.

“Maybe, it will get better as the year progresses such that I get more gigs for my situation to get better.”

MC Natty hit the headlines in this newspaper yesterday demanding the custody of his three children from ex-wife, Hazel Zimuto.

He claimed his ex-wife had no capacity to look after their three children.

The matter is set for hearing at the Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court next week.

Last year, MC Natty made headlines after he married the bride from a wedding he had emceed three years ago.

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