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DYNAMOS coach Tonderai Ndiraya says he is not under any pressure to bring trophies at the club whatever period the season starts.
Rather, Ndiraya’s focus is to make DeMbare a competitive side and start dreaming of trophies as they progress.
DeMbare last won the championship in 2015 and Ndiraya is aware of the expectations from the ‘seven million souls.’
Ndiraya was speaking to H-Metro on the sidelines of a presentation of the club’s office equipment and accessories in Harare yesterday.
“In terms of targets, we are not looking at much and we are not really putting ourselves under a lot of pressure. We are not putting ourselves under pressure, I think what is important is for us to compete at the level that we should be competing as Dynamos and I think we are starting to get closer to the top performers in our league,” said Ndiraya.
The former Ngezi Platinum coach said it is a process for a team to start of winning trophies especially given that the team brought in a number of news faces.
DeMbare were among the busiest teams on the transfer market as the technical staff worked on strengthening the squad to bring back their glory days.
“You talk of FC Platinum, Highlanders, CAPS United, Chicken Inn, Ngezi all those teams have been building their teams over some years. And you can see by the way they play, the way they performed in the last two seasons that they are really strong teams and I am glad that by what we have done this year, we are beginning to be one those strong teams.
“What remains now is to work on the psychological fitness of our players and make sure that they get to the levels that we want. What I am excited about is the competitiveness that is going to be brought by this team, I am confident I am saying so because of what I saw during the preseason. We played some friendlies, two of them against the national team and the competition that our boys exhibited in that period is what is giving us a lot of hope.
“So yes we are expected to perform at the top level but we must understand that this is a new team, a new which we started this year. I don’t want to talk about last year though I can take some positives from there. We went for 19 matches unbeaten with the quality that we had and you can imagine this year with some bit of talent that we have we are in for good time,” he said.
And with the coming in of the new equipment, Ndiraya believes their play will be improved since they would be able to collect statistics.
He said in modern football, players should be shown their grey areas in an advanced way for them to better their play.
“Last year we were physically collecting data which is the thing of the past, which is ancient if you ask me. This is a step in the right direction, it’s the beginning because the equipment is not enough, it’s not all there for us to be able to really operate the system very well. The system is also quite expensive but I’m glad our partners are pushing us in the right direction and in a few months to come I think we should be having that software which is needed to work with this equipment but apart from that, it’s a good start, now we can to some extent collect some data and that is going to help us in our quest to professionalize our performances.
“I believe football is about statistics, if you don’t have statistics then you are not able to evaluate your play and this equipment is really going to go a long way in help us,” said Ndiraya.
A number of coaches have expressed concern over the fitness of players since the suspension of football and it is the same situation with Ndiraya.
He, however, believes this has worked to their advantage since they would be at the same level with all the other teams.
He said it has been difficult for them to track the players at their respective homes but are trying their best as the technical staff.
“Quite difficult, just like everyone else. I think we don’t have the technology yet to really monitor our players in their places of residence but I think we have tried and I want to give credit to our fitness trainer Tendai Chituwa, he has really been doing a fine job in terms of trying to keep players busy, trying to monitor how they are doing at their various places.
“We want a step further in applying zoom training, we put our players into groups of eight and we have been attending to them, it’s been working and I would want to thank the club for availing the resources. They have been helpful and we have been able to see from the videos so we continue to do that until we get back to serious training.
“The good thing is it has worked to the team’s advantage that we were all stopped by the virus and those who had some advantage in terms of fitness are going to be at the same level with us when we start and we are going to start at the same level. That has really given us a good chance although I still feel that we are almost a new team, that is going to give us a slight advantage. There is always a difference in quality. I believe it’s the quality plus fitness which gives you results and I thought this year we brought in some good quality,” said Ndiraya.
It remains unknown if the Premier Soccer League is going to stick to the march 31 deadline of registering player but Ndiraya said if given an opportunity, he will add some players.
“As coaches you are never satisfied you always want to add some faces, so we assess our players during the preseason that we had and if PSL give us an opportunity to add more we will certainly have some players. We were fortunate to assess the whole squad during the seven weeks that we were together and we saw one or two areas that we need to beef up to become a formidable force,” he said.
He also added his voice to the possible shift of the season to the August to may calendar saying it is tricky.
Zifa communicated the suspended season will likely start between August and September while a decision to shift it permanently will have to be decided at an annual general meeting.
There has been a raging debate over the issue with focus being on the stadiums capability to host matches during the rainy season.

“I am still skeptical because of the state of our stadium, I don’t think I can say we are really at a level where we can play during the rainy season so that would really disturb our season. That means we would not play for at least two to three months and that quite a long time and that means we would have lost about twelve weeks of football.
“So I’m skeptical, yes I would really want us to be in line with the other leagues but you also have to be frank and honest with ourselves and ask so many questions, that are prepared? Can we play during the rainy season? And if you ask me, I think the state of most of our stadia is deplorable and we would not manage and I would prefer the calendar,” said Ndiraya.

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