Ndiraya ropes in trio

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Ndiraya ropes in trio Tonderai Ndiraya


Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter

Tonderai Ndiraya is hoping that the trio who consists of Simba Nhivi, Evans Katema and Archford Gutu will be able to feature in their Saturday’s game against Black Rhinos.

The Dynamos coach who has roped in the services of the trio and still yet to sign two other players says the team lacked players with experience and believes that they will add value to the team.

“I can safely say that we have acquired the services of these players that will be joining us this mid-season, we are just finishing up with the registration process.

“Our manager is running around to make sure that the players are available for selection in Saturday’s game.

“We are hoping that the process will go through as quickly as possible before we play a tournament Black Rhinos. I think we have planned along those lines, we have taken all the scenarios into consideration

“We’ve planned with them and we’ve also planned without them so l think in-terms of preparation we are good to go,” he said.

He added:

“But we trust the registration system, it doesn’t need much but it’s a system that cab quickly be done in a day.

“We’ve set the deadline for today (yesterday) to avoid the rush that can affect our programme. Basically we are done with the preparations we will have our last training session tomorrow (today) to remind the boys what they are supposed to do on Saturday.”

Ndiraya says the coming of the new players will take away pressure from him and other players.

“The players have a lot of experience, these are players who have seen it all. Look at where they are coming from.

“That naturally brings a lot of experience that l was moaning about all along particularly in the final third. We’ve got a lot of young star and a lot of players who haven’t played in the premiership before like Ngandu Mangala, Selemani even Juniour Ngahan.

“They have no experience at all, they are still finding their feet and given the system they are playing in, they find it difficult to play in. The coming of these players will take pressure away from the players l spoke about, it will also help the youngsters to learn.

“They will also make our job easier as coaches because we will know there’s someone we can trust in the field. We are looking at adding two more, we are still in the process of negotiations,” he said.

Regarding his view of his opponents Ndiraya says Rhinos have been doing well but they will be banking on their history.

“I think in terms of experience Rhinos have an experienced squad. Coach Herbert has done well there and done very well this season.

“They are never shy of their targets, they want the big price and they have started the season well.

“We are playing a team that’s doing well and have gone for many games unbeaten and it shows the strength of a team.

“Us we don’t have players with much experience but we are banking on the name and that’s the reason why we are running around so that we get players with experience that are required by the name.

“We are also banking on history we’ve had good outings against Rhinos before,” he said.

The former Ngezi Platinum coach admits that they are expecting a tough game from their opponents.

“We are also bubbling with confidence with our victory in our last match. But l made it clear that l was not happy with our performance and l’m hoping that the coming in of these three players will improve our team.

“We are hoping to have an improved performance. Honestly we are expecting a tough match from Rhinos.

“I think we are nine points behind, we feel that it’s still early days,” he said.

Ndiraya who is nine points behind log leaders FC Platinum says:

“We haven’t even reached the halfway of the season and that really still gives us a chance to fight.

“We are grateful that the window has come at a good time, it has given us to really organize our team and the players we are bringing in probably will bring what’s been missing.

“I still also feel we are not really at the level where we should be,” he said.


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