‘Count me out’

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‘Count me out’ Simba Ndoro


  • Ndoro dismisses caps speculation
  • His heart remains with his Simba

Bruce Chikuni

SIMBA Bhora president, Simba “Buju” Ndoro says he has ABSOLUTELY no intention to take over CAPS United or even invest in the Green Machine.

Reports on social media, in recent days, have suggested that the Harare businessman, who is a devoted fan of Makepekepe, was eyeing to buy the Harare giants.

Ahead of the Harare Derby last week, Ndoro dangled an incentive to the CAPS United players by promising them a bonus, should they beat Dynamos.

However, the off-form Green Machine could not respond to the offer and slumped to a 0-3 defeat at the hands of their biggest rivals.

Speculation has been rife that some investors were eyeing the CAPS United franchise to buy it from its two owners, Farai Jere and Nhamo Tutisani.

However, according to the reports, the duo was frustrating all the suitors by turning them away despite the challenges facing the Green Machine.

The Harare giants have been struggling to finance their running costs.

On Friday, Jere, who has been sharply criticised by some of the club’s fans, revealed he was ready to hand over the franchise to anyone who could guarantee he or she had the capacity to keep the club going.

He revealed some people have shown interest in securing the club but, every time they show them the huge costs that come with running the club, these prospective suitors end their interest.

“People will just be talking to impress the public. They would be saying we have money but he (Jere) doesn’t want to sell (CAPS United),” said Jere.

“But, the moment they come to my office, I give them everything, the breakdown, you need US$40 000 per month to run CAPS United, they never come back.

“We are not talking of someone who has just got some money, we are talking of consistency, for how many years would they be able to run this team, not someone who has got money now. 

“We look into the future, are you able to sustain this? 

“We will give them the team, no problem, not a problem at all, not just talking, pub talk, that we have approached them and they refused the sponsorship, that’s pub-talk.

“Understand the issue of pub-talk, people talking while drinking beer, showing off that I have the money, let them come and we sit on the table, I can even give them the team without paying the money, I am telling you this on record.”

Yesterday, Ndoro, whose love for CAPS United has seen him dress his club in green-and-white colours, told H-Metro yesterday that he has no intention to buy the club.

“I have also heard the news, but I have a Simba Bhora project which is very promising, and can’t imagine myself shifting focus at this juncture,” said Ndoro.

“I am CAPS at heart, everyone around me knows the love I have for the club and I’m really saddened with how the team has been performing, just like any other supporter.

“It’s my wish to see the club doing well, but what I can tell you is, my vision for Simba Bhora will not allow me to look elsewhere.” 

Ndoro reiterated that his dream is to bring the Castle Lager Premiership to his hometown in Shamva.

“It’s not like I can’t afford CAPS, I can, but leaving the Simba Bhora project would be a betrayal to the Shamva residents, particularly the Simba Bhora family,” he said.

“People from Shamva have a full appreciation of what we have been doing and their support is overwhelming, we have an objective to fulfil in Shamva.

“If I’m to buy CAPS, it means Makepekepe will have to play their fixtures at Wadzanai in Shamva, and I’m sure the club’s fanatics will not tolerate such a move, CAPS is a bigger brand which needs to be respected.”

He denied claims he is planning to own CAPS United and Simba Bhora at the same time. 

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