Mangaliso Kabulika

TWO Mbare neighbours have dragged each other to court with one of them accusing the other of playing music on loud speakers with the intention of harassing her.

Dennifer Mwale told the Harare Civil Court that when she hosts parties at her house, Jean Chauluka always complains to the police that the music was targeted at her.

Dennifer was arrested six times regarding the issue.

“She once came to my house threatening to kill and eat me for playing music.

“She always tells the police that I gossip about her after being misinformed by her friends.

“She has to stop sending me to the police whenever I play music,” said Dennifer.

Jean, in her response, said:

“I do not threaten her for playing music.

“She is also disturbing my peace by insulting me and telling my husband that I am a prostitute.

“I should be the one applying for a protection order not her.”

Dennifer was granted a protection order valid for one year.

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