Nengomasha hails legend Katsande

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Nengomasha hails legend Katsande Tinashe Nengomasha


Richard Zimunya, Sports Reporter
ZIMBABWE football legend Tinashe Nengomasha says he is proud that Willard Katsande shone during his time at Kaizer Chiefs.
Nengomasha was one of the people who encouraged Chiefs to sign Katsande in 2011 when he was still playing for the club.

In an interview with H-Metro Sport yesterday, Nengomasha said he is happy that Katsande is leaving Chiefs as a legend.

“I am one of the people who convinced Booby Motaung to come and watch Willard in action for Zimbabwe against Zambia in 2011 which led to his signing. So I am happy he did well during his 10 year stay with the club.

“He made me proud, he joined and did wonders, you know there is nothing nice that you recommend someone who comes and excel.

“You know just because Willard did well it helps me to be a confidant of the club to recommend other players from this nation. They will always listen which now open doors for others. I believe in empowering others out there with talent but it is only possible if those that you recommend excel,” said Nengomasha.

Katsande is leaving Kaizer Chiefs as the most capped foreigner in Kaizer Chiefs colours, eclipsing Nengomasha who held the record before.

“I am happy that the record is still with one of our own meaning it is staying in Zimbabwe, which shows the quality of our footballers.”

Nengomasha also spoke on what Katsande should consider in the future.

“I think for him to come back and play local is still early. He is now a grown up and he knows what is best not only for him but his family and future.

“So and the end of the day I feel Willard has to make a decision that will make him and his family happy.”

The former Kaizer Chiefs captain credits hard work and focus as the only tools that can enable one to have a long stay at Chiefs.

“The long stay that Willard and I achieved at Chiefs is as a result of hard work, focus and adjusting to the different coaches that comes along.

“Also being a man of integrity is very key, you see most of the players that goes to play outside forget the reason why they are there and they end up focusing on things outside football.

“So it is all about setting goals for yourself, so basically that is what any youngsters out there should put in mind.

He added: “The only way for us as a nation can catch up with others in Africa is to open up opportunities for others.

“Look at what the Nigerians do the moment one player makes it to a new league around the world.

“You see we have to promote each other and it works, I did it at Chiefs and it worked, I did not only recommend Willard but also others like Knowledge Musona and Thomas Sweswe.”

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